• Dryarn the lightess yarn existing in nature.This innovative polyolefin fibre is even lighter than water.
  • Given its high surface tension,water,humidity and perspiration are drawn away from the fabric and are able to evaporate quickly.
  • It has a unique insulating power,even greater than wool,so it inclined to maintain the body’s natural temperature and protect from heat and cold.
  • No more bad odours after intense physical activity.Dryarn does not undergo changes when attcked by bacteria,mildew,moths,insects or other microorganisms.
  • It does not become electrostatic and does not attract atmpospheric dust.
  • It is graze-resistant
  • It is not affected by the unsightly pilling-
  • It can be machine-washed up to 40° C
  • It is environment-friendly fibre(recycled 100%)


Polipropilene 90% – Elastan 10%

Beschikbare Items

WP3 wit/grijs (lange mouwen) – 140 gr
WP3 zwart (lange mouwen) – 140 gr
WP3 ZIP wit/grijs (lange mouwen) – 140 gr

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